The Pathway to Finding Your Authentic Voice

Dare to Dream Big

Escalate your Career Development and Personal Development into HIGH GEAR!!!!

The Alexander Technique will empower you to make positive, life long changes! BREATH is the ANSWER to using your authentic voice with resonance, energy, vibrancy and ease from the inside out.

  • Find your authentic voice from the inside out
  • Command the space
  • Speak with confidence and poise
  • Handle presentations, interviews, and auditions with ease
  • Calm your nervous system to handle performance anxiety
  • Handle phone conversations with a voice that attracts
  • Communicate clearly and openly with resonance
  • Develop mindfulness; be present in each moment

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When my husband passed away, I realized that I had to discover who I was now as a single woman after 35 years as a couple.  As part of my healing process and dedication to my personal growth, I began a journey to rediscover myself and what is important for me to express personally and professionally.


The work I have done with Fay Putnam has been transformational in that I now have a real understanding of the synchronicity of breath with an aligned body that allows me to speak and sing with authentic passion and commitment. Fay has mentored and invited me to fully express my aliveness.SN, Business owner