The Alexander Technique

Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) – “The Breathing Man”

F. M. Alexander In his early years F. M. Alexander was know as “The Breathing Man”. An integral part of an Alexander lesson is bringing awareness to breathing as well as to our mental, emotional and physical reactions to life’s challenges. One learns to improve coordination of movement, breathing, posture and thinking processes.

What is taught?

Through a series of lessons a student learns:

  1. AWARENESS of habits which are not helping to achieve what one wants, mentally, emotionally, or physically
  2. INHIBITION or stopping that habit or reaction and deciding if the habit/reaction is appropriate or not
  3. DIRECTION — insert a new more balanced solution or behavior if the initial reaction is not beneficial or continue with same if that is the best choice

What are the results?

How the results relate to Performer, Professional Voice User or Presenter:

  1. Entering a room with a commanding, open presence
  2. Speaking with ease and confidence, both in delivery and within content

The RESULTS: Over time, conscious living on every level, moving through life with more ease, balance, delight

Alexander Breathing Poster

Who was F. M. Alexander?

An actor who continuously lost his voice during performances, he:

  • Figured out what he was doing to HIMSELF to create laryngitis, through self-awareness and use of mirrors over a 9 year period.
  • Developed a means to eliminate harmful tension and habitual response to his desire to speak
  • Became known as “The Breathing Man” through teaching breathing re-education

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