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THE BUTTERFLY Moving from Darkness to Light

Moving from Darkness to Light

The state of our troubled world is brought ever more close with the massacre on 14 March 2019, in Christchurch, NZ! No matter whether you are for or against globalization, it is here. Our world becomes smaller and smaller! We feel in our broken hearts and gut the travesties which keep happening not only at home, but around the globe. Words are cheap at times like these. None-the-less, I will continue on with the blog I drafted a week ago. I think it’s message is still relevant and maybe even more important.

Often these days I find myself in a rut with continued thinking about the sorry state of affairs in our country. AND, it has been brought all the more vividly to our collective attention that the emerging hatred and bitterness is rising to the surface worldwide. Personally, as terrifying as these facts are, I realize how important it is for us all to move forward with our thinking and actions to counterbalance the evil. As someone mentioned today, the social media and internet which has brought many of us together, worldwide, in positive ways, has served those who wish others harm to thrive as well.

Pause! There is much good that happens daily. History informs us about many acts of heroism, people caring for each other through natural disasters, wars, etc. There are numerous examples in our own country of neighbors stepping up to help when disaster strikes. I certainly have been guilty of cynically thinking the worst of fellow human beings. Yet, if I stop to think and stop myself from reacting negatively, I realize  people I know personally, are good, caring people and they do not fit into the dismal evil box. I can hear the Universe speaking above the cacophony of noise and notice the beauty surrounding me, if I allow it. This noticing of good is not just being a Pollyanna, but is opening myself up to see beauty and thus curate the ability to move forward positively and create more of that in our world. A few days ago I was reading about a book club whose members were reading Michelle Obama’s book BecomingThe group entered a contest and won a visit to one of their meetings by Michelle Obama. The meeting settled into an honest exchange of questions and answers. Finally a member asked for her thoughts on the state of our country, with all the hate and racism. There were no journalists or extra officials at the meeting, only a couple members of her staff. Her answer was this, paraphrased, “what you see and hear on the news is NOT America”. She explained that she had been traveling all across the country and her observations were of an America where people care deeply about their neighbors and want the same for their families and friends. My experience, traveling to other countries, states and communities has been the same. Recently we came across an interesting documentary TV series on Netflix, The Kindness Diaries. The series stars a former stockbroker, Leon Logothesis, who has traveled the world with no money and who relied only on the kindness of strangers for food, shelter, and gas; he accepted no money and listened to people’s stories. His goal was to demonstrate that human beings are kind, the world over. Time and again he found this to be true and came to the conclusion that those with the least give the most.

I have to believe that these stories are the Universe giving me/us hope for the future. Yes, I STOP frequently and let breath renew my tired, disillusioned self. It is a constant challenge to not be bogged down by the barrage of news. Another message came to me via a fortune cookie. Some of my most valuable messages come via fortune cookies, and why not? “Angels are among us; when you find them cherish their presence everyday.” Stop Exhale Breathe! Embrace and seek those angels who walk among us. I listen for and hear the Universe speaking! ONWARD!


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