Not only did my voice improve but I was approaching everything with calm and confidence. The wonderful thing about the Alexander method is that what is normal becomes natural. The work I have done with Fay has taught me to be in touch with myself.
CZ, singer

Your focus of teaching communication skills with intentional awareness and clarity is what I am looking for in a mentor.
CM, voice teacher and presenter

I now sing with confidence. There are even people who say they love my voice and come to hear me chant the service. When I feel myself tensing up, I just say “Let my neck be loose; let my head be forward and up; let me soar.” And then I feel my Alexander Technique training at work. It gets me through challenging Sundays when I wonder where I will get the energy to go on.
SAH, Episcopal Priest

I am appreciating my breath work so much. I notice that when I am anxious instead of my breath being stuck in my chest I can do a long exhalation. This means a lot to me because I am anxious a lot. I also notice when I wake in the morning I can do long exhales and feel so good. I am grateful for how you have helped me.
LY, teacher and nurse

I have been a student of the Alexander technique for many years and I’m well aware of it’s benefits. Every time I come back to it I am always amazed by the effects it has on not only my music making, but more so my peace of mind. Working with breath re-education has only taken this to a new level for me as a singer. I feel much more at ease when performing since my breathing is much less of a mystery!…I competed in the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions…and was chosen as one of the winners!! And it’s no small thanks to this breathing work, truly! I felt so at ease and grounded…mentally and breath-wise!
SB, tenor, Portland Opera Studio

When I am about to speak in front of a group, concentrating on expelling all of my breath and then gently letting it return calms me and my delivery is spot-on…Thank you Fay for your gentle mentoring, encouragement and know-how. I’m in less pain, stand taller, am more confident, and breathe with ease. I highly recommend Fay to anyone wanting to enhance their confidence, stand taller, experience less pain and enrich their overall well-being.
LRS, author, presenter