Become a Fearless Speaker: Dare to Dream Big

Dare to dream; have the courage to Dream Big!

Becoming a fearless speaker is possible even for the most timid amongst us.  This workshop will give you space, courage, and breathing room to forge into the world of public speaking; you will begin to discover your authentic voice with joy, confidence, humor, and a sense of adventure. Get ready to start the Fall with excitement and new beginnings!  Claim your voice and create your dream!

“Without breath you are voiceless and without voice, you block the flow of the breath of life bringing you fully alive.” _Robert V.Taylor, from A New Way to be Human.


As leaders and as professionals we must feel we are at the top of our game.  Part of being on top of our game is being confident in presenting our ideas to others in a manner which both demonstrates and communicates our confidence, whether that be in an interview, an audition, a conference presentation, a meeting, a workshop or even a phone conversation. This workshop will begin the process of finding, using and embodying that authentic voice inside us; that voice will allow us to speak before others with confidence and even with excitement and joy. This workshop is for professionals who want to begin making permanent and deep change in how they approach personal and career development. With Fay’s passion for communication and love of teaching she can encourage even the most timid into presenting with confidence and ease.


  • Learn tools to become a fearless speaker
  • Learn a stress-management strategy
  • Experience and practice speaking/presenting before a group


  • 3 day (Total 9-hour) intensive workshop
  • Practice presenting and receive constructive feedback
  • Create journal for future reference
  • Small group, individual attention in a fun, warm, nurturing environment

Day  1:

  • Practice speaking and discussion
  • Discover our physical and mental reactions to public speaking
  • Introduce Breath and Mental-Physical-Emotional Awareness for stress relief and voice use
  • Create a Journal of Change

Day 2: Enter the Space with Elegance and Ease

  • Bring awareness into action
  • Discovery and feedback: what is really going on here?
  • Using the breath while entering the Space with ELEGANCE and EASE
  • Reflective journaling: Where we have come so far for New Beginnings.

Day 3: Put it all together

  • Invite the listener to come to you
  • Reflect on putting it all together
  • Wrap it up: discussion, journaling, group feedback
  • Where do we go from here: possibility thinking