A Lesson in Exuberance

Tobey and Caroling Ornament

Tobey and Caroling Ornament.

Earlier this week would have been my friend Hyacinth’s 79th birthday. I miss so much about her and I am thankful that I had some time to know her. I smile as I remember the first time we met. We went to the Roanoke, VA airport to meet her and Nelson  when they arrived from Toronto when our children, Delia and Kevin, were to be married, May 2000. What was impressive was that Hyacinth did not come with just any luggage. She also arrived with a huge box containing cooking pots to create what would be my first taste of her delicious curry. She took no chances that the University guest-housing kitchen would have the proper pots to accomplish the task. The next day, my husband was recruited to help her search all the grocery stores in Blacksburg, VA for proper ingredients. In the following years whenever she came to visit the pot would again be filled with her wonderful curry. Hyacinth was also an avid sports fan; seeing and hearing her watch a baseball game on television was something to remember. She and my mother had that in common, neither of them were passive observers; I smile remembering. What I miss most is picking up the phone and hearing her voice on the other end of the line. She always called on our birthdays and often at other times, just because.

Holidays are hard for many of us as we miss those who are gone, for me, especially my Mother. She as I have written often, loved Christmas. Every year I struggle a bit as I try to achieve her level of excitement for the holiday. This year has been particularly difficult because of feeling devastated at the sudden loss of our dear Golden “puppy”. Remembering the beautiful energy of Hyacinth, the joyful spirit of my Mother, and the exuberance of Tobey, I know they all would not allow the indulgence of too many tears or a long period of moping. Surprisingly, this afternoon the sun has emerged. Hyacinth, my Mom, and Tobey remind me that the sun will shine again and each moment is precious. Enjoy each day! Happy Holidays and Happy 2019 to come.

For this moment, I pause, I remember, and am thankful. I exhale and I breath! ONWARD!

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