Feeling Less-Than-Wonderful? Breath Arrives!

California Coast at Cambria

The other day I awoke feeling much less-than-wonderful even though it was  another gorgeous Fall day in Portland.  Truly, I did not want to waste it’s beauty and I knew that I needed to use all the tools I had at my disposal to dig out of that grey hole in which I was enclosing myself.

One of the reasons I am devoted to the Alexander Technique is that it is a tool for discovering what puts us in the wrong and helps us deal with it. My mind  races around, darting here and there and everywhere.  What happens if I just stop?  Only then, I notice my jaw is clenching, for no particular reason other than that it is the tension inside.  My shoulders release downward.  My head grows out of my torso.  The breath of life flows in and I realize that “this too, shall pass.” I also realize my voice is stuck inside and I am needing some space to let it out.

As always, when it is quiet inside the house, the traffic rushes outside someplace.  I hear it on the highway a few blocks away.  I am just the opposite.  The traffic is buzzing around inside my self and outside all is quiet.  In the great pause my conscious self says, “Arise!  It is time to make haste!  Move forward!  Run in the wind!  Cry out to the hills! Laugh!! Breath will enter your being and life and liveiness will begin again.” And so I precede on with the day of living life and moving forward, one exhale and breath at a time.  The sun is shining!

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