The Breath Speaks – The Heart Listens

Moving ahead with delight and a sense of expectation and wonder.  Thinking about past, present and future, yet wanting to be in the moment here and now.  These are my thoughts at the dawn of this day.  Sun shines in the room, glowing through the window in the crisp, Fall-like air and the reflection of the blue sky and still green leaves in the windows at the French door make me smile.  If I lean back in my chair sun blazes into my eyes as it rears it’s head above the buildings; it’s reflection is in the window. It grows brighter, setting the whole door aglow.  I smile again!  The day is ripe with possibilities of life and energy.  The jay squawks and cars honk as the city awakens.  I become awake to the flow of my breath and the flow of the city’s breath as it awakens to a new day.  Breath speaks to me.  Breath, my key to being open to the possiblity of change and renewal.  We all have choices.  As the day awakens and I am open to the sound of this new day I choose to breathe in the sun and the fresh air of a new dawn.  As I pause and notice this dawning of a glorious new day, I am present to the possibilities, the challenges and the gifts it brings to me.  How will I choose to make it count? How will you choose to make your day count?  Pause and allow your breath and voice to speak and your heart to listen.

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