Beyond Grief

View Across San Francisco Bay from Harbor View Avenue My dear Mother left this earthly planet six years ago today.  I miss her daily and remember what made her special.  She was a strong woman who said what she thought, was kind, loved being around people, and was not afraid of change.  She moved cross-country at the age of 85, learned to use public transportation, used a computer, and loved life- choosing her own path up to the end.

As I remember my Mother I cannot help but reflect on the Alexander Technique and grief, the principles of awareness, inhibition, and direction!  I think grieving never ends.  Once that hurt is there, it is forever in our hearts. Awareness or recognition of it’s existance and the tension surrounding it can be the first step towards relief.  Really understanding from where the grief comes and how we are reacting to it helps the process of healing.  Never-the-less, once one has reached a point, it may be time to give it up!  But, often one is like a dog with a bone, loath to give it up. The question becomes, is there something to be done or is the pain of grief something which will not change and must just be endured?

In response to that question and with a little space- there’s that pause again- I come to BREATH is the ANSWER. Here is a new direction; I know, it sounds simplistic.  How can such a short statement come close to answering the question of grief resolution and relief?  Breath as a solution will not likely totally erase the grief, but breath can help relieve some of the pain we experience as a result of tension created by our grief.  Breath can bring us back to the NOW, giving us a moment of relief and a wiindow through which to direct our attention to the present, rather than to the past or future.  The breath can open that window to sunlight and start healing  the pain in our hearts.

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