Competition with SELF

FM Alexander quote

FM Alexander quote

Not two weeks ago I published my last blog and I also posted a rather longish (for Facebook) piece between then and now. It seems as if our “democracy” has been taking assault upon assault since January 20 and the uproar and upheaval have continued. This is not the forum to rant about those details, but the relevance is in how I and others are reacting to the constant battering. I find myself in a constant state of psycho-physical uproar and confusion. For instance, the last blog entry in my journal I labeled February; yet, it was January. What bothers me most is the state of “distraction” that I seem to find myself in all too often. I am not sure that it is of any comfort knowing I am not alone in this cloud of weirdness. My work is teaching others to be aware and  conscious in each moment. It is to me, therefore, incredulous that I awaken and wonder where the moments went. I am dismayed! I keep STOPPING-BREATHING-STOPPING again and again. It is a competition with my self.

So… What to do? I have come to the conclusion over the last few days of vacation from news, that each of us is called to discern just what gifts we have and own them. Artists make beautiful statements in their art, whether that be visual or in music, aural. Writers can use that gift to write letters. Caregivers can offer support to others. But, it has become clear to me over the past month that choosing a cause and devoting energy to one at a time works better and helps still the crazies in our psychology-physical selves. I will be writing more and my emphasis as always will be on encouraging all of us to practice that 1 minute hourly pause and to continue the good work we do in our communities and circles of friends and family first. We must take care of ourselves and let that self-care spread out in concentric circles to the world about us. WE CAN! I remember how I managed to progress through college when the going was tough. I made myself stick to a rigid hour by hour schedule. It was not fun particularly, but was the only way through at that time. I have since kind of revolted against having such a schedule, but I think it may be the only way for now. It really is a competition with self; each hour pausing, each hour a specific task, each hour moving forward, one small step, one moment at a time. FOCUS! We are out to win this competition.




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