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Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie

Today I came across a fortune. No, I did not suddenly find a bag of money. In fact, I only found one tiny piece of paper. Usually when I eat a fortune cookie, the fortune within is irrelevant or trivial advice and is quickly forgotten, but not this time. This fortune/message was so profound I tucked it away in the confines of my wallet. Since rediscovering it, I have placed it in a more prominent place. What does it say? I smile as I tell you that it says, “Do not rush through life, pause and enjoy it.”

As we strive to make our days less stressful and our work and actions more meaningful, the advice to not rush is ever more important. While thinking about my “fortune” I was reminded of advice my mother gave me over and over again; I had not thought of it in a very long time. As a teenager, in anticipation of what was ahead, I had the habit of looking way ahead and wishing for time to pass more quickly. In response, my Mother would say, “do not wish your life away.” Then, I didn’t realize the depth of her advice. Of course, now I realize she was encouraging me, even way back then, to appreciate each moment and to enjoy the NOW!

The fortune cookie and my memory are well-timed reminders that in life we are only guaranteed the NOW. Daily I fight back tension caused by the shouting headlines. I want time to pass and to just get through it all and free of this political mess and uncertainty. While dreaming about and anticipating a better future, we make goals, yet in the process we lose track of the NOW!  It is at these times over and over again we all need to be reminded, “do not rush through life, pause and enjoy it.”

Today as you go about your tasks please, pause, exhale, breathe and discover the joy of living in the NOW!

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