Confession Time!

Sunrise -PDX by Mary Putnam Botel

Sunrise – Portland, OR by Mary Botel

Confession time! I have been in near panic mode recently! Not good! Though I wrote this a bit ago, I thought this piece was worth posting; such are the times we are in.

Though there are some obvious reasons for feeling this way, I am ever so impatient with myself. To be honest, the state of our country has pushed me to overwhelm stage. Usually in periods of unrest I can see something positive ahead or a solution comes to mind. Not this time, however. We, most of us, are uncompromising  “doers.” We want to make “it” better now. I admit it; I am impatient to sit and wait; I want to meet the challenge and do something. NOW! But, there are times when the only thing to be done is to wait and see or be content with one small step at a time. There are times when a problem is so great it is near impossible to know where to begin to affect any solution at all.

I have spent moments of pause, exhaling, breathing, trying to find one moment of relative calm and positivity. Yet, the past few days’ attempts have yielded little of the desired calm. It is at times like these that I realize how fortunate I am to have this practice of awareness, the ability to stop, to breathe, and finally to move forward even if only one tiny moment of sunshine at a time. In the moments of awareness and pause I know the only way is to move forward, keeping a positive vision in the foreground and being forever thankful for friends, family, goofy puppies, and even the local characters on the street. These are what are important. Stop-Exhale-Breathe and ever onward to create the world we know is possible. As Annie says, “the sun will come up tomorrow.”


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