Storms, Clouds, Sunshine, and Rainbows

Grey Clouds/Blue Sky

Grey Clouds/Blue Sky

It seems that storms, clouds, sunshine, and rainbows, pretty much sum up what life is about, with rainbows being the promise of better things to come. I was sitting here with my back to the windows, eating a popsicle and letting my mind drift. Sometimes the best moments of enlightenment come at moments like these. Popsicles have become my favorite refresher during warm weather, after exercise, or just because. I was sitting here thinking and enjoying my treat and this popped into my consciousness. “What would Hyacinth do?” From when we first met in 2000, she has been the one with wise, no-nonsense words. I cannot exactly hear her at this moment but, thankfully, I surely feel her close by. We all have been experiencing the stress of natural disasters, hurricanes, floods, mass shootings, and firestorms in Northern California. I would guess that these disasters have personally touched each of us in one way or another, whether we have friends or family in those areas, we are living there, or we are feeling bombarded with the news and photos. It is hard to wrap one’s brain around so  many who are suffering. I have felt overwhelmed and keep attempting to cope. All these horrific events bring home the fact that our worldly goods are not so important and we must prioritize what is, family, friends, and health. And, we must go on…

While I feel and see the sunshine coming through the window behind me, in the distance I watch dark grey clouds collecting; I wonder about the resulting weather. Still, the grey clouds move onward. The sun and rain exist at the same time. Sitting in my corner of the world I see both, to the Northeast I see the grey advancing; to the Southeast, I see lots of blue sky. I am aware I can choose to be overwhelmed with the threatening clouds or be inspired by the sun and blue sky. I have a choice. So, in this moment I will be thankful for both. Perhaps this is a reminder that there exists the stormy darkness, hurricanes, mass shootings and fires, yet at the same time, we can stop and see the blue sky persisting. Voilà! There it is to the north! At last, blue sky is peaking through, behind the dark grey.

We must plow onward! These calamities are not under our control, but the attitudes we embrace and take with us into the world are choices we can make. Again, I Stop, Exhale, and Breathe into making a difference in the here and now.

Then, the rainbow appeared. ONWARD!

Rainbow After Storm

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