The Power of Hope and a Dream

Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie

In general, I have felt a bit more hopeful the past couple of weeks. I am not that sure if my hope is well-founded or folly.The world’s political climate is still a mess. However, the truth of it is that denying that mess is certainly folly, but stopping to look at circumstances that give hope has huge value. I am thankful for my Alexander Technique practice and it’s profound contribution to my ability to pause and chose calm and hope rather than chaos.

Recently I attended a live interview with the author, Ta Nehisi Coates. I came away with several important and memorable points. He is obviously a gifted writer and thinker. His conversation addressed the current political climate and our racist society.  We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy is his most recent book and the reason for this visit and interview. He talked about the historical significance of 8 years in power, 8 years occurring after the civil war during reconstruction and the other, the 8 Obama years. It is easy to see how the struggles of minorities and women in America, boil down to power, the white-man’s fear of the loss of that power. Right here is the time to Stop-Exhale-Breathe! Just think about that truth as you pause. Still Coates, in spite of all this history and current turmoil, remains optimistic, amazingly. As a history buff, he reminded us that our country is still very young. What he said next was the zinger! He said, (paraphrase) “it is a fact that none of our lives will end well. It is unlikely we who are alive now will see significant, to us, change.” He then concluded, “what is important is what we do between now and that end, in that very short time.” We circle back to the importance of living in the moment and following the process. Well-meaning people frequently ask him what they can do. His right-on answer is, “do what you do best and approach the struggle from that place.” The power of hope and the process keep motivating us to move forward towards the light and the dream, one step at a time.

How does my practice of Alexander’s work fit into all this? In the positive moments I am aware and thankful; in the hard, messy times, of which we are having plenty, I am able to stop, exhale, and breathe through those black moments. I do my best to continue moving forward toward the positive light. We all must! ONWARD!

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